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[A light crest in the sacred path of Dharma]

History Awakens the forgotten past

Experience makes us aware of the origin and end or the extension of the universe. Human life is a journey to eternity. When our “Athma” realizes this truth, all our thinking stream will blend with “Paramathma” and ultimately leads to eternal salvation. It is elucidated that all these realizations are attained only through the vedic scriptures of our sacred culture. Great civilization are born on the banks of great rivers, which never ends, but blends with new ones and goes on. How the values of these ancient sacred civilizations were moulded and blended through scientific analysis, the same may be done in the modern age also.

The soul of a shire is its Temples

Bhagavat Geetha says “Shayath thrayathe ethi kshektra:”, “Visheshane grahayethe ethi vigraha”. As the sanctity of mind and body is essential for self realization, so the Holiness of any temple is for the prosperity of that land. As a light (wick) illumines many, without losing its brightness, so, this sacred temple of learning continues its journey towards eternity. Let me dedicate this Holy book under the title “Dharma Prasarana Saraniyil oru Deepashikha” to all the devotees.
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