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“Divine Will”
(Eswara sankalpam)

Based on the sanctum sanctorum & Vasthu philosophy of Ganapathya tradition Sri. Aanandha Maha Ganapathi is facing west, this sanctorum is relevant here. The face is turned to right to hear, the problems of devotees, through the right ear. The right leg of the Lord is towards down, to remove all the obstacles and the worldly snake around the waist is a notable feature of this Moorthi. Water squirt (Jaladhara), Karuga Garland, Modhakam, Neyyappam, Lemon Garland & Coconut are the main offerings to Lord Ganapathi.

Sri Uma Maheswaran, a Bana linga installation, facing East is showering affluence and prosperity to the devotees. As umamaheswara Idol is surrounded by Parvathi Devi on the right, Holy Ganga on the left and Nandikeshwaran in the front, pradakshinam can be completed. As Lord Shiva is facing East, Poojas are offered believing Siva and Dhakshina Moorthi in one form. The devotees themselves can take water from the templewell to do water squirt (Jalathara) to Lord siva is a unique feature of this temple. Other main offerings are Squirt (Dhara), Koovala Garland, Conch unction (Shangabhishekam), Uma maheswara pooja, Pradhosha pooja, rice unction (Annabhishekam), Rudhrabhishekam & Nandipooja.

In shaktheya tradition, Goddess Dhurga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi in the form of Mahathripurasundari, showering all affluence to devotees. Goddess auspiciously stands with lotus bud in hand. For all prosperities, Unction with turmeric & on the day of “Akshaya Thridhiya” gold unction and Mangalya pooja are the main ceremonies here.

In vaishnava tradition, Mahavishnu wearing conch, Wheel and mace facing west is another sanctorum. The idol is made on Anjana rock.

The idol is in real incarnation from. As Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Lotus heart of Mahavishnu, Thulasi garland, Lakshmi Narayana pooja etc, are conducted. Marriages also gets solemnized here. Cheese, milk pudding, Panaka offering, Vishnu Sahasranama Archana and Vidhya Rajagopala Manthrarchana for excellent education are the main ceremonies.

Lord Harihara in “Pathmasana” with the Urn (vessel) of Amrutha and wearing Jadamakudam, offering west wards Dharshanam. Nearby resides Lord Dhanwanthery sanctoram with vaidyanatha belif. The poojas are conducted in Saura Shashta tradition. For the abatement of sickness and for having children, Honey unction, Neeranjanam, Sesame seed wick, Shaneeswara pooja & Pudding are the main offerings.

Sri Anchumurthy temple, blessed by many Holy persons and Scholars, became platform for various spiritual activities, Since 2008 July Khumbabhishekam, till today, the services rendered by Sandeepani Saadhanalayam Charitable & Welfare Trust are memorable. The activities of Saadhanalayam was made sacred by the Holy presence & blessing of H.H. Swami Nithyananda Saraswathi (Madathipathi Sivanandashram) H.H. Bodhanandha Saraswathi & H.H. Adhyathmananda Saraswathi (Sambhodh foundation) H.H Swamy Chidhnandapuri, (Madathipathi, Sri. Sankara adwaithashramam, Kulathoor), H.H Swami Bhoomi Nanda Theertha Maharaj (Narayanashram Thapovanam), H.H Swami Sadhanandha Saraswathy and Swami Krishnathmanada Saraswathi (Dhayanandashrama thapovanam), H.H Prabhakaranda Saraswathy (Mankara Ashramam) and Kaivalyananda Saraswathi (Ramakrishna Madam, Ottapalam).

The spiritual activities of this Sadhanalayam was witnessed by Brahma Sri. Balakrishna Pisharadi (Late) (Bhagavatha sapthaha Aacharyan), Shanmuga Swami (Viknjana Ramaneeyashramam), Sri. L. Gireesh Kumar ( Director of Sreepuram Thanthirik research center,) Aacharya Sri. M.R. Rajesh  (Kashyapaveda Research foundation, Kozhikode) H.H  Swamy Udhith Chaithanya (Aacharyan Bhagabatham village trust) and Vidhwan. K. Bhaskaran Nair (Marad, Kozhikode)

Hari Om